Friday, October 5, 2007

It's a Cove... No..It's a Lake... No It's Cove Lake

Well well well, here we are again, still trying to play catch up. We promise we will get caught up so you can hear about our wonderful camping trip. Until then, this little ditty is all about a little trip to Cove Lake State Park.

Cove Lake is a nice little park located just north of us about 30 minutes up I-75. We like to come here from time to time when we want a quick out of doors experience. We bring our bikes from time to time as they have a nice paved trail to ride bikes on. Sometimes, as with this day, we like to take the kids and walk the trail. One day we will eventually hike the section of the Cumberland trail that is just on the back side of this park. There is also a little trail that branches off the paved trail and leads to the Beaver workshop. This area is pretty neat as there is plenty of evidence of beaver work. If you are ever up this way, you will definitely want to visit. They also have a swimming pool, a restaurant, and much more.

So the day was July 15, 2007 and we were dog sitting Clover's friend Zorro once again and decided we would get the both of them another entry in their pawports by visiting Cove Lake. To be quite honest, there was nothing of real interest that happened this day other than walking the kids around the back part of the path. We were starting to train Zorro how to not pull us everywhere when we brought him with us. He was definitely starting to figure that out before we were done.

Anyway, as I said before there wasn't much else to mention about this day so I will leave you with a few glimpses of our travels here.

Next Up: Is that a hole for gentlemen to swim in?
(A very wonderful hike by the way.)