Saturday, March 22, 2008

2007, Where did it go???

Well 2007 is long gone and 2008 is well underway. I've decided that if I'm going to keep this blog up with entries on our various outdoor activities then I should stop trying to catch up on all that we did last year and just start fresh after this post. With that said, I believe I will give a quick look at everything else we did last year.

We ventured out to Frozen Head State Park again for a little fun. We cooked out Hot dogs and played and what not. We also went on two Appalachian Quilt trails. These are real fun as it lets you get into the heart of Tennessee. The cities and the downtown areas are great and all, but if you really want to see the heart of Tennessee I suggest you take a picnic lunch or something and get out of the house for a drive along one of the quilt trails. You will definitely see some beautiful country.

We finally ended the out of doors season with a camping trip to Frozen Head State Park. We camped for a whole week and really enjoyed ourselves immensely. Mom and Dad came out to visit a couple of days while we were out there. We hunted firewood almost daily, walked around the park, played, and rode bikes. On one of our last couple of days, we decided it was time to do a nice hike. We set out for Bird Mountain. This was a beautiful trail that runs along with the Cumberland Trail for a little ways. We stopped and ate lunch at one of the back country campsites. We finally continued our trek until at last we were out and back at the campground. If I remember correctly, the trail was 8 miles and there was an elevation gain of 1600ft in just over two miles.

As for the winter time, our out of doors activities were pretty limited due to the cold. However, we did get out for a few astronomical viewings. We watched the Leonids and Geminids or was it the Orionids. We went and gazed at Comet P17 Holmes a couple of times. We played with our video cam attachment to Robin's telescope a couple of times. We also saw a handful of Iridium Flares as well as watched the Space Station pass overhead one night. If you want to learn more about our astronomical Exploits, we have a separate blog dedicated to just that. You can see it here

As for 2008, well, I reckon I can start fresh with a new blog entry for our first two hikes of the year, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, and yesterdays O&W Bridge trail in the Big South Fork National Recreational Area.

Keep on the look out for these two posts as I plan to have them up this week.

Happy Easter everyone.

T and R.