Sunday, July 27, 2008

Have you seen the Moonbow?

I know it's been awhile.... but we've been so busy playing Ham Radio now that I've got my HAM ticket (that would be Ham Radio Operator's License for those not familiar with HAM Radio) and we've got upgraded all the way to Extra Class. We have been outdoors quite a bit with HAM Radio, however I don't believe it to be qualified for this blog. So if you are interested you can see our field day, antenna raising, and other HAM Radio photos and blog posts on my HAM Blog or Robin's HAM blog.

So yesterday after we went to the Hamfest in Waynesville, NC, we came home picked up our trusty side kick Clover and headed north with the intention of visiting Levi Jackson Wilderness RoadState Park in Kentucky. On our way we decided at the last second to head to Cumberland Falls State Park instead as we had not been there in quite some time (Since the rugrat was 4, which would be almost 8 years ago), and Clover has never been there. Cumberland Falls happens to be the only place in the Western Hemisphere to have a moonbow (a nighttime rainbow).

It was a hot day, and the place was pretty crowded now that it has become a resort park. We didn't stay very long as Robin was not feeling well. We did get a couple of shots however and you can have a look at them below.

Tim at Cumberland Falls

Clover at Cumberland Falls