Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cumberland Gap Birthday Camera

September 28th was Robin's birthday and having got her a new Panasonic DMC-TZ4 camera, she wanted to get out and about and play with it some. So without any plan in hand, we got into the car and I took us North. We ended up heading to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park at the TN/VA/KY border. We stopped at the visitor center and walked around the grounds for a few while Robin took some photos.

After getting the pictures she wanted we decided to head up to top of the mountain to Pinnacle Overlook. Up here, there is a wonderful view back into the valley of Harrogate. Along the trail to the overlook there is a spot where the border between KY and VA runs across the trail. Upon seeing this, Ashby, our trusty sidekick Clover, and Me all stood stradled over the line so Robin could get a shot of being in two states at the same time.

Anyway, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park is a pretty big park with lots to do. So if you ever find yourself up that way, take some time to check the area out. You'll be glad you did.
So now it's time for what everyone likes: THE PICTURES.

Ashby, Tim, and Clover enjoy a view from the rocking chairs.

A tobacco worm that about climbed my leg.

The Traders Post

A look inside the trader's post

Ashby in Red

Clover and Me

Ashby and the Corn

Robin and Clover at the Foot of the Pinnacle

Ashby, Tim, and Clover get two states for the price of one

Ashby fire away.

Robin, Ashby, and Clover Sittin Purty

Robin and Clover Perched on a Rock