Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fort Norris Dam???

It was a couple of weekends ago, and we had originally thought about going hiking after running some chores. By the time we were done with our chores, the kids (Ashby and JoJo) were done at the movies and ready for us to come pick them up (I know what you're thinking, no we didn't let two 12 year olds go to the movies by themselves. They were with Jody's mom, Aunt Patty). So we picked them up and ended up taking the kids to Norris Dam State Park, to let them play on the playground located behind the pool area, and of course to let Robin play with the new digital camera I got her for her birthday, a Panasonic DMC-TZ4. We also took our trusty side kick, Clover Beene. She loves to go to the park.

So we went to the park and the kids played and posed. Clover sniffed all over and well I won't mention what else, and Robin played with her new camera. The playground at Norris Dam State Park is this huge fort playground. We've been here before, and I tell you want, I wish I had got to play on a playground like this when I was a kid. Of course I really can't do the playground justice with words so I will post the picture instead along with some other nice shots Robin took with her new camera.

Little Creek outside the visitor center

Mirror Images

Sign post at Visitor Center

Ashby on the Fort

Beene in the Fort

Beene goes sliding

Jojo in Fort Prison

Okay, so we didn't get any good photos of the whole fort but the next time we are there, we'll be sure to get one. Regardless, if you happen to find yourself at Norris Dam State Park make sure you check the playground out (Kids or Not).

Catch ya on the trails and out in the parks.