Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looking for the Big South Fork, again, at Angel Falls

It was September 21st and the weather was wonderful. With that being the case, we had the itch to get out and enjoy. It's definitely that time of year where we like to get out more often and hike, stargaze, camp, and everything else that comes with Fall. This time around we decided to head to the Big South Fork. It had been sometime since we had been down the Angel Falls trail in the Leatherwood Ford area. The trail itself is beautiful. There are several gorges that run from the hill out to the river and are passable by nice wooden bridges. Also, there are beautiful views of the river all along the trail.

I would tell you about the falls but unfortunately we didn't quite make it back there. Robin and Ashby weren't feeling too good so we turned around about a half mile in and hiked back out. Clover, our trusty side kick enjoyed the hike, or should I say sniff, as always. However, she has still yet to find the "Big South Fork". She is hoping there is some good food on it when she does find.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures for this one so with that said... stay tuned for the Fort at Norris. There are definitely pictures for that one.