Monday, May 25, 2009

Angels Don't Fall (Looking for the Big South Fork at Angles Falls Redoux)

So back on May 21st I had the day off. With that being the case and the rugrat being away at a friends house, Robin and I decided to take advantage of the situation and take off to one of our most favoritest places to hike, The Big South Fork. We tried to hike to Angel Falls a while back but were unsuccessful due to Robin and the Kid not feeling very well. This time however Robin and I both were feeling very well and our trusty sidekick Clover was bound and determined to find that fork.

The trail as I've mentioned before is a beautiful trail filled with several different varieties of ferns, a couple different types of trillium, and much much more flora and fauna. The geology surrounding the trail is quite magnificent as well. On one side huge rock outcroppings and on the other the South Fork of the Cumberland River winds its way through the mountainous area.

This is a easy to slightly moderate trail. I say easy because at least half of the trail is very soft which is great for the knees and ankles. It's also mostly flat. There are only a few inclines along the trail and they aren't more than 25 - 50ft gain in elevation if that. The moderate part comes in with the distance. It's 2 miles back to Angel Falls, making the trail a total 4 mile out and back trip. The other half of the trail that is not soft is a bit rocky so you will definitely want to watch your step.

Anyway, it was indeed a great day for a hike, or in Clover's case a sniff. She didn't find the fork this time either so I suppose she will have to wait til the next time we head up that way. Until then enjoy these shots from the trail.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin

The Trail.
See nice and soft.

A rock in the sand at the falls

Me looking up the face of an outcropping
I told you, there are very interesting Geological formations all over this place

Mountain Laurel in Bloom

More Geology
(Did I mention they have huge boulders here?

An interesting find to say the least.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Falls Are Below
Angel Falls

A Pretty Yellow Flower