Sunday, February 28, 2010

Learning to Breathe

I know I know. It's been a while, and I'm sure some of you have been holding out to find out more about our camping trip and all that. Well there's be good bit of time pass since the last post so I'll give you the quick run down. We didn't camp but for another night as the weather was going to turn for the worst. By Thursday we decided to pack it up and head for the homestead.

Fortunately this did not mean that vacation was over. Not by any means. Nope what we did the rest of the time was we headed up to Erwin, TN for the Apple Festival. It was a pleasant drive up and back. Saw some great crafts, bought some too. I just happened to picked up a choice new walking stick, and the girls opted for honey. There were a couple different honey vendors attending the fair this past year and we always love to pick up a jar or two.

The next day we headed to the River Corn Maze down in Ocee, TN. We partook of the fare offered at the snack stand as then headed to the maze of maize. Of course I shouldn't forget to tell you that beforehand we shot the spud gun. It was a good time indeed. Refreshed and enriched we were from the experience.

Well that was the most of the whole camping vacation and the side trips afterward. we have been actively hiking again. Things have been a bit hectic here but we are learning to breathe again and get out more. It was been a long winter indeed in the Bird House. New posts of our recent journeys will be up soon. Look for Stinging Creek Falls, Ozone Falls, Black Moutain/Windless Cave, Andrews Ridge, and many more soon to happen in the coming weeks.

Until then peace be with you all.

Tim and Robin.

Erwin, TN Apple Festival
The FairThe Ladies

The new walking stick.
(Just ignore the orange thing)

Live Entertainment

Craft (Turkey Feathers)

River Corn Maze
Ocoee, TN
Mmmm. Burgers


Tater and Kiddo


I Told You we Shot the Spud Gun.