Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evening Strolls

We haven't been going to many places lately to enjoy the outdoors as much as we would love to. We have made impromptu trips to Mississippi and then up to West Virginia for a family reunion and a 50th wedding anniversary party for my folks (Rose and Larry). We've also been busy with upkeep around the house such as clearing the outside of and patching a barn. (Really it's a huge detached garage that serves more as a barn, and up until recently a plush home for some four-legged masked bandits). There's been a yard to keep mowed, weeds to kill and eat with a weed-eater, flower gardens to tend and such.

While that has kept us quite busy we have made time for some outdoor fun, not much on the hiking, backpacking, or camping scene, but more so on the try everything we can to stay cool. Yes we've had plenty of trips to Aunt Patty's pool including a nice 4th of July celebration which included games of volleyball and a few libations.

Other than that, we have been having evening strolls for the last week. Mainly just some walks in the parks (Big Ridge and Norris Dam State Parks to be exact). The trusty side kick has been dying to get out so we have been trying to humor her by our evening strolls not to mention keeping ourselves active in addition to all that was stated above.

So with that said, it's late and time for bed. Here are some select shots of the past few days that the most excellent photog of the house (Wifey Robin) has taken. Enjoy.

Tim and Robin

Trusty Side Kick Clover on the Sniff
Smooth Phlox
Rose Pink

Fog on the Clinch River

Sunset on the Clinch
(Those are not our poles)
Kiddo, Side Kick Clover, our God Sons 
(L to R Zorro and Gizmo) and me
Wifey Robin and I munchin' on hotdogs at Frozen Head
 Mom and Dad Surprised at Anniversary

Mom and Dad's Wedding Photo
(Aren't they beautiful?)