Friday, October 1, 2010

Storytelling Time in Tennessee

The weekend before last we went through the out door and headed up to Big South Fork NRRA for the annual A Haunting in the Hills story telling festival. I'll just say that we had a load of fun listening to the stories. They had some wonderful storytellers again this year along with the ever wonderful MC and Storyteller in her own right, Faye Wooden.

We arrived just before dusk, in time for us to grab some food, or what was left of the food at the 2 vendor areas that were there, and settle in for some amazingly spooky, haunting, stories. That's right we missed the dulcimer and bluegrass music but that's okay, we can certainly catch it next time. Besides there was work to be done around the house before we could get up there.

Anyway, back to the storytellers. As I said their stories were amazing. This year the featured storytellers included Gran'daddy June Bug (Mitch Capel), Charles Maynard, Joyce Slater, and Elizabeth Ellis. I have to say that this year Gran'daddy June Bug was the storyteller of the night. Not to take anything away from the other storytellers as they are great in their own right. However, Mitch really gave a spectacular show. He had the kids involved and in an uproar with his first story and then really tugged the heart strings with his last story.

After enjoying the evening of haunting, chilling, and heart wrenching stories not to mention the cheeseburgers and popcorn, we called it a night and headed back to the homestead. I believe that even the kiddo's friend enjoyed the haunting stories as well as her cheeseburger hold the burger.

Until the next installment, which will be soon because I'm quite behind considering we've been on vacation this week and have done much.

Happy trails and go through that out door as much as possible.

God Bless,
Tim and Robin

P.S. Pictures may be included at a later time. It really all depends on if they are any count or not. They were mainly night shots.