Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun With Night Time Photography

It's a Sunday evening, you've been to the grocery store, the pet store, and you've finished all your errands. You don't want to spend anymore money and you really don't feel like leaving the house again, yet you want to be outside. In this predicament, what else can you do? The answer was simple, we headed out back to have a fire and play with night photography.

We still have lots of maple wood left over from dad's tree that was cut down but a couple of months ago. We've been slowly doing away with it for him. This evening it was chilly, homemade potato soup was on the stove for supper, and we thought a nice hot fire would be a good way to warm the body and the soul. Even though it had rained just a bit earlier in the day, it wasn't enough to prevent us from having the fire.

After supping on simple homemade potato soup by the fire (because foods eaten outside from bowls are the best foods!) we got the camera out and started playing. Of course this was after the girls went and picked up cousin Jodi.

With the fire stoked and the tripod setup, flashlights and glow sticks were whipping around and about like crazy. We were getting a feel for what it would be like before we decided the flashlight would be best for doing some light graffiti. We all took turns trying to perfect our names (try writing yours mirror backwards!) and then did some other silly things by flinging light. After we were done with that, the girls all headed into kiddo's room for some dark room long exposure photos. What turned out is pretty darn creepy.

So the next time you have nothing else better to do, ya know 'cos you spent your last dime on food at the store, head outback. The backyard, or the front yard for that matter, can be a blast especially at night with some lights and a camera.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin

P.S. Check it out! We picked some of our sugar snap peas yesterday. We have a couple dozen out on the vines now. Our hamster, Q, will be the happy benefactor of our first small harvest.