Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking to 2011

The New Year is rapidly approaching and it appears that we are once again going to fall short of our annual goal of 100 miles hiked. We aren’t dismayed by this. On the contrary, it has been a great year in terms of hiking. We came a lot closer to our goal than we ever have in past years, and hiked a whole slew of trails we had never hiked before. However, it is time to plan for 2011, and really we’ve never been the type for resolutions as we’ve accepted the fact that we will fail miserably within the first few weeks of the New Year. Seriously, who hasn’t? I suppose a better question would be who has stuck to a resolution and was successful? I’m sure there are a few and I admire those with the resolve, dedication, and will power it takes to accomplish such a feat.

Robin and I have taken to a new philosophy, one from the vein of simple, free living. The philosophy I speak of is living without goals or rather, very loose goals. We find that having hardened, strict goals tends to narrow our focus so much that we miss other opportunities along the way. Instead, we form very open ended goals so that we can stop and smell the roses along the way if you will. By doing this, we can easily adapt to situations and circumstances that might be out of our control. With this attitude it is my hope that we accomplish more than we ever imagined possible, and that God will lead us to where we are supposed to be.

As for our outdoor goals for 2011, our typical "hike 100 miles" still remains. If we make it then great, if not that’s okay, too.  Sometimes things don’t go as you hope they will but later you realize it’s probably best it didn’t.  Besides, if you dwell upon it too much, it might drive you nuts. Another loose goal for 2011 is to get at least 1 or 2 overnight backpacking trips in. Once again this is an open goal to which, if it happens, awesome and if not that’s okay, too. First, I have to convince Robin that Ms. Coo will be fine with the babysitter. Otherwise, I'll be packing in with a "Hamster on Board" sign.

Finally, we hope to hike some more of what is completed of the Cumberland Trail, climbing Bird Mountain at Frozen Head State Park and out towards Mushroom Rock on the Frozen Head Segment and climbing up to Cross Mountain on the New River Segment are two that stand out foremost in our minds.

That’s really about it. So long as we can get outdoors when possible or permissible, and enjoy all that the Appalachians have to offer, then satisfied we shall be.  Now we turn the page over to you, our readers. What goals, resolutions, or hopes do you have in 2011 pertaining to the great outdoors? Leave us your comments. We love hearing from you all and sharing ideas and information.

Happy Trails and Happy New Year,
Tim and Robin

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