Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - A Year in Review

2010 was quite the eventful year. Many trails have been hiked, projects started and/or completed, and many places visited. We like to take the time to recap the many miles our feet have plodded over the course of the year.

We started out with a goal, much like we have done in previous years and failed miserably, to hike at least 100 miles in a year. We've put forth a really great effort and have really expanded our horizons as far as trail locations but to no avail still fell short again. Places we've traveled to hike include the Great Smoky Mountains, Cumberland Gap, various parts of the Cumberland Trail, Big South Fork, Big Ridge State Park, Norris Dam State Park and much more to include some state natural and wild areas. We also got in our annual camping trip, which is always a welcomed delight, well usually. Another first in our outdoor experiences, we finally donned our backpacks for the first time for a 2 day trip up to LeConte Lodge for our anniversary. Finally we also took a trip up to Damascus Virginia to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail. Can we count that as part of an AT section hike? 0.o

So without further ado, the trails we've hiked this year including the date, miles, and location:
Date Trail Name Location Distance
1/23/2010 Andrew's Ridge to Sinkhole Loop Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 1.1 miles
2/20/2010 Stinging Fork Falls Stinging Fork Falls State Natural Area  Spring City, TN 2.0 miles
2/21/2010 Andrew's Ridge   Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 1.78 miles
2/25/2010 Andrew's Ridge to Hootin Hollow Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 1.4 miles
2/26/2010 Ozone Falls Ozone Falls State Natural Area   Crab Orchard, TN .75 miles
2/27/2010 Cumberland Trail - Black Mountain to Windless Cave Grassy Cove, TN 4.0 miles
3/8/2010 West Overlook Trail House Mountain State Natural Area Knoxville, TN 2.0 miles
3/19/2010 Piney Falls Piney Falls State Natural Area Spring City, TN 1.5 miles
3/20/2010 Ewing Trail to White Rocks Civic Park/ Cumberland Gap NHP - Ewing, VA 6.4 miles
3/24/2010 ??? Fall Creek Falls State Park - Pikeville, TN 1.25 miles
4/7/2010 - 4/8/2010 Alum Cave Bluff to Mount LeConte Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Gaitlinburg, TN 11.0 miles
4/10/2010 Panther Branch Trail to Debord Falls Frozen Head State Park Wartburg, TN 1.2 miles
5/15/2010 Cumberland Trail - Bruce Gap Trailhead to Devil's Racetrack Cove Lake State Park - Lake City, TN 6.6 miles
6/2/2010 Andrew's Ridge Loop(Trail Run) Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 1.78 miles
6/4/2010 Songbird Loop(Trail Run) Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 1.5 miles
6/5/2010 Laurel Falls Laurel/Snow State Natural Area - Dayton, TN 6 miles
6/6/2010 Songbird Loop Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 2 miles
9/4/2010 Byrd Creek Trail to Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail Cumberland Mtn. State Park - Crossville, TN 2.7 miles
9/30/2010 Honey Creek Loop Big South Fork NRRA - Onieda, TN 6 miles
11/13/2010 Club House Rd to Hemlock Bluff(Old Jeep Road) Hemlock Bluff/ Loyston Point, Andersonville, TN 3 miles
11/21/2010 Big Valley Trail - Indian Rock - Big Valley - Ghost House Trail Big Ridge State Park, Maynardville, TN 5.8 miles
11/28/2010 Marine Railway Loop Norris Dam State Park - Norris, TN 4.6 miles
12/5/2010 River Bluff Loop River Bluff Small Wild Area - Norris, TN 3.2 miles

In addition to the many miles hiked, we've started to become more self sufficient and live a more simple life. In so doing, we've tried our luck at winter gardening and have plans for year round gardening. We've been to several historic towns in TN just including Rogersville, TN, Cumberland Gap, TN, Ewing, TN, and Middlesboro, KY just to name a few. We even made it to a few festivals as well, the Apple Festival in Erwin, TN, The 25th Annual Harvest Street Festival in Newport, TN, Vestival down in South Knoxville, TN and the Louie Bluie Festival at Cove Lake State Park in Lake City, TN.

As you can tell, between holidays, festivals, hiking, and then of course the regular run of the mill life in general stuff, 2010 has been quite the active and fulfilling year we've been looking for. We've revamped the blog and have really put in the time into sharing our journeys and experiences with you, our family, friends, and fans.

You might be asking now, with such a jam packed year, how do we intend on topping it in 2011? Well, we can't divulge our secrets right now, if we did then why would you come to our place on the interwebs? I suppose you'll just have to wait and see.

Happy Trails and Happy New Year,
Tim and Robin