Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snowy Day

It's been another snowy day in East Tennessee. Overnight, most of Tennessee seen snow. We knew the system was coming, and I hardly slept out of sheer excitement. I kept getting up and creeping to the kitchen to check our back deck for signs of accumulation. It doesn't see much sun in the winter due to the ridgeline, so we still had a dusting on it from a day or so ago. By 5am, though, I was noticing more and by 6am we had at least an inch.

I finally got some sleep after that, but still woke up early to a fresh coating of snow. A couple inches covered everything. I absolutely love fresh snow, especially waking to it in the morning.

Most places were closed today, as most people a little south of us got more. I saw on Facebook that some of our friends near Chattanooga were reporting 7 inches or more. We didn't get near that much, but it was enough to prevent us from trying to make it off this ridge and up the next one - the two ridges that stand between us and the urban world.  This all meant one thing - no school, no work (although, he did check in multiple times during the day) = PLAY TIME!

I sat around waiting for most of the morning. Teens sleep in way too long! It was a good thing really, even though my patience had worn thin, and I thought long and hard plotting the multiple ways to wake teenagers (and my husband!) abruptly.  None of these would have been nice.  It was right in the middle of my strategy planning when, as luck would have it (for them!), they all roused from dreamland. I gave them a few minutes to shake the cobwebs then Clover and I began insisting that we go out and play.  It didn't take much to convince them, and we were all out in the snow in no time.


We spent an hour out there. Clover played frisbee, we sledded and "skied", threw lots of snowballs, and the girls made a snow lady to graphic to post here (silly girls!).  It really was too cold to be out any longer. But we had fun nonetheless, and have spent the remainder of our "snowed-in" time cuddled up cozy in the house.