Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Fun Stuff

I don't think any of us look forward to Monday. Monday marks the end of weekend adventures, the beginning of the work/school week, five days worth of getting up before the sun (I really should do this all the time), more homework than is good for anyone, and the day designated for laundry, amongst other things.

Monday is weird for me. It never feels right. It's a day of extreme reality check. It's all the things I should have done over the weekend, but didn't 'cause I spent my time having fun using my feet for what God intended them to be used for. Because my weekend is full of conversation and laughter, and my Monday's remind me of the quieter time. Not that I don't enjoy that, because I do, but it's different -- and in all these years I've never really gotten used to it.

So, on Monday morning while Ashby dolls herself up for school, I occupy my mind catching up on blogs I follow and window shopping online. I usually find myself on Amazon reading the "LOOK INSIDE!"s. This morning though, a glance at the calendar reminded me that Valentine's Day was right on the horizon.

"Another commercialized holiday," says my brain. Tim and I usually just do something a little special (like breakfast in the park) while we sweeten Ashby up with the traditional bear and candy heart. Sometimes he buys me flowers, but he's "learnt" over the years that I'd rather have flowers growing in the dirt. So, now (other than the cut daisy bouquets I can't get enough of) flowers come home striving to grow instead of living to die. :-)

I was deep in my excursion, my sleep-deprived brain on overdrive, trying desperately to think of something "outdoor-oriented" to buy my Timmy this V-day, when I came across the following:

Although the resemblance is uncanny and the shop is local (!), I didn't feel any love coming from Mr. YeeHaw Bunny, and promptly moved on to this:

Now this had potential, right? Two cuff links for two wrists... a symbol of compatibility and love??? Plus, if he were to get lost on that huge campus he works on, he could find his way. Or not...

So, how about some Sasquatch Ipod porn love? It's unfortunate that Sasquatch looks so blue here. Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a sad, naked Sasquatch. Moving on... Something a little more cheerful maybe?

Oooooohhhhhh! A lightweight hiking hat! Eco-friendly and all. Personally, though, it looks a bit feminine for Tim's taste. I wonder how much she had to pay that guy to model this. Sometimes things look really good on paper. NEXT!

This definitely has potential. If there is one thing Tim hates, it's snakes. So if I got him this Voodoo Snake, I'd never have to shoo away another snake on the trail! I could just stand there and scream, "Poke it's eyes out, Tim!" or...

I could just get these nose warmers. We're both always complaining about our noses being cold on the trail, and Eskimo kisses are nearly impossible unless you're willing to risk thermal conductivity and refreeze. Plus, they're on SALE!

But... I think what I should really do is buy this set of five "Hiking is for Lovers" postcards (too cute!). I'll just sign them "Wish you were here! It's gorgeous up here on the AT. With Love, Your Robin"