Monday, February 28, 2011

Bringing Back the Daily Walk

As the coming of spring continues to renew our spirits with sprouting buds, longer days, singing birds, and comfy temperatures, we've automatically - like emerging from hibernation- resumed our daily walks in the park. This is usually a stroll more than a hike, and these don't count towards our mileage goal for the year. But Clover loves them, and it gets us out in the ultra-healing cool evening air. And since are schedules are so crazy during the day, we really only have time to fit it into the evening hours. So, during the winter, it's just too dark and too cold by the time Tim gets home from work and kiddo finishes homework.

We don't blog about these walks often. We typically visit one of two nearby parks, and always where it's most quiet. Our trips usually consists of Clover running Tim around, and me chasing after wildlife to get that one perfect shot - which Clover ruins by bounding through to announce her presence.

"Hey Deers! I'z is HERE!!! Wanna play Catch Clover??" ~ Clover

But there's always something to take a photo of.  See, thing is, because we're there so often, we notice the smallest little changes in the landscape or woodlands. When you become this familiar, nothing can be boring or overly viewed. And you never know what wildlife you'll walk up on. There's a new surprise every time.

And it's a fun, family activity. We all enjoy it. It's our evening "relaxation" time.  This time of the year, we still have to go pretty early so that we have light, and then there's evening chores to do later. But soon enough, we'll have time to complete evening chores, the daylight will soften, the cool breeze will blow, and we'll go for our meditative walk after a hard days work. We'll stroll along the banks of the lake listening to the evening melodic mix of diurnal and crepuscular animals sing their songs. We'll hear the sweet little whinny of screech owls, the rustling of roaming deer, the abundance of croaking from frogs/toads living by the lake, and, to Tim and Ashby's humor, at some point this Spring I'll be startled enormously by the territorial call of the fox. Then we'll come home topping it all off with a cup of coffee on the deck while discussing our day and watching the moon rise over the tree line.