Monday, February 14, 2011

My Perfect Trailmate

I've never been one to believe a person can have a soulmate. I don't believe in destiny or fate. I don't believe in love at first sight. I don't believe that the stars were aligned just so to provide me the closeness I have with that one, special individual.

I, on the contrary, believe in consequence, deliberateness, coincidence, and the hand of God. I believe in balance and perfect compliments.

Before Tim came into my life, I was a lone hiker. I traveled the trails with me, myself, and I - and I was very reluctant to change that. Sure, I would occasionally hike with other people, but they just didn't compliment my style. They either hiked too fast, too slow, didn't care to "stop and smell the roses," or I would find them far behind me taking another break. I liked being alone on the trail to listen to my inside voice, to let my soul touch nature, to see the face of God and watch it smile back at me. Now, I can't picture myself on the trail without Tim there.

Tim and I have very different personality types. We're not the couple where one is finishing the other's sentence. In fact, that's one of my biggest pet peeves! He's outgoing - I'm restrained. He likes attention, and I shy away from it like it's the plague. He's optimistic - I'm the pessimist. He's relaxed and patient, while I'm hot-headed and in a constant state of hyper-awareness. I'm the practical one, though. He likes to take (in my opinion - unnecessary) risks. I'm the morning person - he'd rather sleep till noon. He's concrete; I'm abstract. He's the go-getter, and I'm the daydreamer. He even likes mayonnaise (EWWW!).

But even though we are practically polar opposites, he is my perfect compliment. And if there ever were such a thing, he's my perfect trailmate. When we're out there, that is when the balance between us becomes so skewed. We are no longer two different people walking one path. We are one. We share the same thoughts without speaking, photograph the same eye-catcher without knowing, we communicate through looks, glances, and nods of the head. We both tread softly, we walk at the same pace, we even need breaks at the same time even though our physical conditions are also comparable to night and day.

Never before could I have imagined that I would have found someone exactly like me on the trail. I am so thankful that I don't have to keep company with myself anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day, Love.