Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Gear Quest

Tim and I are spending our Sunday searching for gear. We're not "gear junkies," and we don't have the latest and greatest, but we're in search of a few things to complete our list for our backcountry trip we are planning on taking in the next few weeks real soon.

So far, we have made what little trips we've taken without the items on the "want list." Our packing system is a little lacking and very disorganized. But we didn't need sleeping bags to go up to LeConte Lodge, and we did without stuff sacks. We also did without rain gear - and in the end, we were sopping wet. And although our packs have rain flies, everything inside was damp. I was just glad it was the going from and not the going to.

So, on our list of things to get BEFORE the "big" trip:

2 Dry Compression Bags for our sleeping systems
2 Compression Bags for our clothing
2 pairs of gaiters - if funds allow
2 Sleeping pads
2 pairs of sleeping bag straps
Some stuff sacks & dry bags
A headlamp for me

Yesterday, we picked up two light, cheap blow-up pool floats to sub for a sleeping pad. Go ahead, laugh - we have! - but we're on a budget, and a good sleeping pad for both of us just doesn't fit in right now (along with rain gear - so cross your fingers for good weather). We also gained 3 little dry bags to hold food and other misc stuff that doesn't need to get damp.

Hopefully, we'll score a few things on our trip out today. We'll let you know how it goes!