Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainy Days Make Pretty Falls

I don't really recall how or when I decided that rainy days just weren't for me. I grew up playing in the rain, and recollect camping trips that were nothing but drizzle and leaky tents. I used to hike in the rain. Kind of hard not to when you're hiking in a temperate rainforest. I remember when water-speckled glasses were propped on my head; when hiking in wet socks wasn't a big deal; when low pressure systems didn't cause joint pain and headaches; when a ponytail holder was a quick, easy fix for natural curls turned evil fro; when the shlishy-shloshy sound under every muddy step was an invitation to puddle hop instead of my shoes struggling for that last gasp of air.

It's frustrating really. The rain never stopped me before. I've tried to revisit that time - to no avail. I've even tried the random inspirational quote, like:

"All weather is good weather because it's God's weather."

It's hard to admit there is something "outdoorsy" that you're not fond of - especially on an outdoors blog! But no matter how many quotes I've read or how many times I've googled J.Muir's journal (ya know - What Would John Do?), I've not been able to escape my newfound antipathy for sogginess.

Inevitably, it's become well known that if it's raining, I'm staying in. And caging me inside - even of my own volition - is never a good idea. That's how rooms end up remodeled and wallpaper being stripped! To top it off, our entire weekend had been drizzly, and I was beginning to get restless. 

Restless or not, I usually give in to the rain and choose to curl up for naps. So, it was just as much a surprise to me as it was to Tim to hear myself mouth the words, "we should go there today," pointing to his newly posted Featured Parks page. 

The reason? Waterfalls: something I love far more fiercely than my disdain for the rain. All the precip we'd had this past week had made the creeks rage like rivers, and capturing this became top priority.  The mud, the cold, frizzy hair, and wet feet no longer mattered. It's ironic how something I find so uncomfortable is the very essence of something I find so intriguing. 

On a lighter note, Tim has found that he thoroughly enjoys photography. He's putting forth a huge effort to learn.  He took some shots of the waterfalls as well. He's a fast learner, and I'm so happy to have a photog buddy now! I was even nice enough to share my tripod so he wouldn't have to carry his own. And Ashby had a great time, too. Debord Falls finally gave her a good show. I hope she remembers this for years to come. And as for Clover Beene? She had a blast, too. There was no one on the trail, so she went wireless for the most part and got plenty muddy for a dog I had just bathed. 

Tim's first attempt at waterfall photography. Didn't he do a great job!?

To see all the photos from this hike, visit our Flickr photostream here.

Trimble Details of Trail to Debord Falls: