Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dogwood Arts Festival

Knoxville is renowned for its annual Dogwood Arts Festival. The festival officially kicked off last Wednesday with tons of events being scheduled throughout the month of April.

The festival showcases a number of gardens and breathtaking home landscapes by way of the Dogwood Trails and Byways. There are seven trails in all, and five byways. Each offer a spectacular botanical experience. 

Yesterday, given a 70% chance for thunderstorms and Tim on call, we decided to visit the Sequoyah Hills trail: one of Knoxville's most prestigious neighborhoods. The houses there are gorgeous, each it's own, and most of them have awe-inspiring gardens.

The trail offers numerous places to stop (if by car or bike) and take photos, but I couldn't help snapping every time something caught my eye.

The last part of this trail parallels the shore of Fort Loudon Lake, and offers plenty of entrances to the waterfront park. Clover really enjoyed getting out to sniff where every other dog had been while we enjoyed the sunset on the water.