Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photos of the Week

Spent most of the week indoors out of the rain and chilly air.
It's supposed to be pretty over the weekend, so hopefully we'll have some outdoor photos soon!

In the meantime, meet the babies of the Birdtown Zoo:

Sassafras Tea - aka "Shamu"
Favorite pastime is holding down the couch, will do anything for chicken, pretty sure Col. Sanders was reincarnated as this fat, black cat.

Noony Buckets - aka "El Noon-yo's"
Known for his continuous whining, enters and exits through open windows, tweaks at every noise, blamed for ominous weather conditions.

Liberty - aka "Bulldog Ibby"
Crotchety, old cat, steals my computer chair every time I get up, beats up on anything that gets near her. Clover's favorite cat to chase.

Shadow - aka "Satan Incarnate"
Will be the death of me. Period.

Merri - aka "The Toilet Guardian"
Accused of being the cat that doesn't exist. (Proof above, Daddy!) Scared of everything. Loves Ashby the most. First picture I've been able to get of her in almost a year.

Clover Beene - aka "Big Baby Tchoverbeene"
Our best friend.

Q - aka "Ms. Coo E. Pants"
The sweetest hammy in the whole - wide - world.