Friday, April 1, 2011

We'd Like to Thank our Fellow Outdoor Bloggers...

I thought since it was the first of April, we'd start a new monthly feature to give credit where credit is due and to thank our fellow outdoor lovers. From our Why Appalachia & Beyond Exists post, you can see that it's the camaraderie and friendships we've established with other outdoor bloggers and readers that keep us doing this. In that same vein, we wouldn't get the traffic we do for a few reasons: keeping fresh content rolling out, marketing our blog, and most of all establishing great relationships with our fellow bloggers. It's our online outdoor blogging friends that provide a great deal of traffic to our blog and for that we want to give a very special and heartfelt thank you.

Allyson @ High on LeConte
Rebecca and Joe @ The Outdoor Blogger Network
Mamabug @ Mamabug's Nature Photos
Karl @ Live Free and Hike New Hampshire
Owl @ Owl
Monty & Amy @ Cloudhiking
Greg @ Hiking Fiasco
Philip @ Section Hiker
Jason @ Extreme Adventure News
Jeff @ The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog
Tom @ Two-Heel Drive
Dave @ Fat Man of the Mountains
Steven @ My Life Outdoors
Coach Rick @ Best Hike
Brian @ Brian's Backpacking Blog
Jim @ Husky Hiker
Justin @ Justin Acuff's Blog
Dan @ Project: Explore New York

These are the fellow bloggers that we've received Referral traffic from through the month of March and each one of them have wonderful blogs that are worthy of reading and following.

Thank you again for making the Outdoors and blogging about fun, wonderful, and exciting.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin

P.S. We are always looking for new friends in the outdoor blogging arena. If you are interested in trading links let us know. If you have our link on your site let us know and we will be more than delighted to add you to our list as well provided your content is outdoor related. You can email us at appalachiaandbeyond (!at) gmail (!dot) com or leave us a comment on any of our posts.

P.S.S. Just for the geeks of us out there who are all about numbers, the aforementioned bloggers referred a total of 359 visits to Appalachia & Beyond representing a nice round 28% of our March Traffic. Thanks again!