Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Evening Post

Tonight we're spending time on the deck in the cool night air while the exhaust fan we have set up in the largest window pulls most of the hot air from the day out of the house. Our a/c is shot for the moment, and today's high temps reached nearly 85 degrees. It was 82 in the house around 9:30 this evening; an unbearable temperature in my opinion. But as the temps begin to dip outside, our fan pulls the cool night air into the house making it comfortable for sleepy time.

We spend a lot of evenings on the deck, fighting off the creepy crawlies and avoiding stepping on the caterpillars that seem to have an on/off switch. At some point in the evening, they just stop where they are at, never moving, flinching, or seeming to care that you nearly spilled their guts with the heel of your shoe. Sometimes we even find them hanging in place, as if they were in a half-reach stage when someone flipped their switch.

It smells like honeysuckle this time of year. The backyard is in full bloom; although it's hard to see any of that in the darkness. I turned on the halogens to keep the bugs off us, and they lit the rhododendron up quite nicely. And the evening forest is full of chatter - raccoons, crickets, frogs, and the occasional cat fight. There's also the beating of wings and the slamming of velvety bodies - kamikaze moths literally dying for one small moment at that halogen heaven.

Tim is reading Clover a bit out of our Advance Reader copy of Following Atticus that we are so thankful to have received. I don't know what it is, but that book has already made me cry more times than Bridges of Madison County. We'll just blame it on the pregnancy hormones. It is so beautifully written, and so heartwarming. I can't wait to finish it and write a review for all of you in hopes that you'll want a copy when it's released in September.

Until next time, happy evenings!
Robin & Tim