Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots of Running and Walking

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and we especially hope all the mom's out there had a fantastic Mother's Day. Our weekend was a busy one, but very pleasant and the weather couldn't have been better. We've been doing a lot of walking here as of late and I've been doing a good bit of running again. If you hadn't heard I was in a contest to win a pair for Vasque Mindbenders (Trail Running Shoes) and free entry into Rock Creek's Scenic City Trail Marathon/Half Marathon race in Chattanooga towards the end of May. Anyway, today was the last day for voting and it was neck and neck between me and another runner up to the end. At 3:00pm today I was defeated in the contest by Leah Jones, a local trail runner here in Knoxville. So if you have a moment head over to Vasque Footwear's Facebook page and congratulate Leah on a well deserved victory and wish her luck in the race next week.

So back to the walking and running. Friday I went on a trail run while Robin and the girls (Clover, Ashby and Jodi) walked. We went to Big Ridge State Park to do so. I ran from the group camp to the Fisherman's Trail, out and back on the trail and back to the parking area just past the gristmill. I thought I would never get through the Fisherman's Trail though. After all the storms last week there's a lot of downed trees blocking the path around the loop at the end. I had to do more than just trail running let me tell you. It was a good workout though. We won't even get into the argument we got into with the crazy people that were up in the Group Camp. Needless to say we proved our point and let them know they didn't own the road going up there.

On Saturday, Robin and I got up early and with Clover along with us, we headed to Norris Dam State Park. I got a good 2.5 mile trail run in on the Song Bird Trail while Robin walked just over 2 miles on the trail. It was a beautiful day and not very many people were out there at this time, which we absolutely love. Afterward, we came home and relaxed most of the day, Robin in our Eagle's Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock, and I catering to momma's every need. Ain't I a good husband? :P She is working really hard making a baby after all and it definitely takes it's toll.

Sunday we didn't do much. Baby had Robin feeling pretty yucky most of the day. I did make breakfast, lunch and a cake for Robin. She deserves it that's for sure. Afterward we spent a couple of hours at mom and dad's house watching a movie with them and relaxing some more.

Hopefully we can get out this next weekend for a good hike or something and give you all a wonderful trail report. Until next time...

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin

Trimble Trail Tracks:
Big Ridge - Fishermans Trail Run:

Norris - Songbird Trail Run: