Friday, May 6, 2011

Now For Some More Give-A-Ways

There appears to be quite a few different contest/give-a-ways/raffles going on in the outdoor blog-o-realm this week. So just to bring all the ones I've come across into one place, it's another edition of Outdoor Blog Give-A-Ways Round-Up.

The first give-a-way is from our good friend Karl @ Live Free and Hike New Hampshire. Karl recently made a trip up to Mount Washington Observatory and picked up a surprise item to give-a-way on his blog once the blog's Facebook page reaches 300 fans. So all you need to do to get in the running for this sur-prize, is go to Live Free and Hike New Hampshire's Facebook page and like it. It's that simple, and if you are already a fan, then you are already entered. So what are you waiting for, get on over there and click that like button and tell Karl how cool he is for giving something away from Mount Washington Observatory.

The next give-a-way comes from another good friend, Steven, over at My Life Outdoors. Steve has reviewed and is giving away a pair of Perfect Curve Gloves by Glacier Glove. This time around Steven has simplified it to only one entry per person, and all you need to do is get the word out about the give-a-way. You can blog about, tweet it, or post it on Facebook. Once you've done that simply go back to and leave a comment on the give-a-way post by May 10th and you are in like Flynn. When you leave your comment be sure to tell Steven how awesome he looks with those gloves on. I'm sure it will make him giggle. :P

Branden and Sarah at The Daily Hiker has another T-Shirt give-a-way. To win a Daily Hiker t-shirt, just send your best Spring Picture to the email address listed in their give-a-way post/announcement. In about a week from now they will choose their favorite photo and award the photographer their very own Daily Hiker shirt. Be sure to include in your email that you think Branden and Sarah are the coolest thing since slice bread and their T-Shirts are the grooviest you've ever seen. You come to think of it, I think Appalachia & Beyond needs a T-Shirt too.?! o_O

Over at Philip recently had a chance to try and review an Osprey 46L Hornet backpack. Because of this, Osprey was kind enough to offer one of the packs for a give-a-way. To get a chance at this sweet pack, you just need to head over to Section Hiker, and leave a comment on the give-a-way post. There's a catch though. No ordinary comment will do. Philip wants to know who your hiking mentor is/was and don't just say someone's name, but rather give some detail, a story if you will. While you are at it, tell Philip how cool I think he is that he's section hiking the AT. One of these days I might be as cool as him. ;)

Wooo.. Man that's a lot of give-a-ways don't you think? No, you want more? Okay well here they are.

Tyler at (Yes the one and only social Camp Trip Planning App for the iPhone) is giving away a camping trip up to $50. That's right a camping trip, who couldn't use one of those right about now. So here's the scoop, May is National Invite a Friend Month at and to win the camping trip, is join and invite people your friends to join/register. The first 4 people that invite and have 50 friends win a camping trip up to $50 anytime anywhere. Just let Tyler know when and where and he will get it booked for you.

Over at The Adventure Blog, Kraig (aka KungFuJedi) is having a weekly give-a-way called Ditch the Deet. Every Week for the next couple/few weeks he is giving away some pretty cool shwag. You've missed the first week but there may still be some time to get in on this weeks and of course the rest of the give-a-ways he has. All you have to do for this is send him and email with your plans for outdoor adventure for the next couple of months and how the gear he is giving away would benefit you in those plans. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Adventure Blog and get all the details and send those emails in. While you are at it let him know you think he's the greatest for giving away such awesome stuff cause you hate gnats and skeeters and all those winged little buggers you run into in the woods.

Finally, the fine folks over at is currently giving away a magnesium fire starter and a Granite Gear Toughsack. Every month this year they are giving away some cool stuff and the fire starter and Toughsack from Granite Gear is the special gear they are awarding for May. All you have to do is go to there site find the listing for the May give-a-way (don't worry, currently it's the third item down from the top, May 1st post) and click the register link and fill in the info on the subsequent page. While you are there hit their feedback link and let them know they have a great site and some pretty cool give-a-ways.

Ok that's all the give-a-ways that I've got for you for now, well.... there is one more. That's right there's that give-a-way over at Vasque Footwear's Facebook wall going on right now that currently I'm in the "running" to win. If you remember the "I Need You" post, I really need everyone's vote as the competition has really heated up. All you have to do for this is go to Vasque Footwear's Facebook page and like them, if you haven't already. Then scroll down their wall and find my post (Timothy Bird) and click like on the post. That's it. If I win I end up with a free pair of Vasque Mindbender Trail Running shoes and free entry into Rock Creek's Scenic City Trail Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Once you've done that, if you are feeling really ambitious, tell your friends, family and everyone else you know to do the same. I would really be most appreciative and who knows might even have a give-a-way right here. I'll definitely write up a great post about the shoes and the race experience. Who wouldn't want to read that?

Okay, so that's all I've got now so until next time...

(Edited by Tim) - Another give-a-away that I forgot to mention: is giving away a pair of Vasque Skree hiking shoes. Check out their post for the give-a-way for the details, I think you enter multiple times but each time there is something you need to do for the entry. Check them out and drool over all the great gear they review. Tell them Tim @ Appalachia & Beyond sent you.

Happy Trails and Vote for Tim,
Tim and Robin