Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tim Needs Your Help

So I've decided I would see what kind of social networking muscle we have here at Appalachia & Beyond. We've been hard at work building our subscriber levels, Twitter Followers, and Facebook Fans and I think we've done a wonderful job. We must be doing something right or you wouldn't stay right? Well I thought I would put it to the test.

You see I used to run religiously about 5 or 6 years ago before a job change brought me working close enough to home to go home for lunch everyday. Since then I haven't hardly run much and have lately been feeling the desire to get back at it. I've put it off for far too long, minus the occasional spurts of running Robin and I would get into around the Spring and Fall each year. I suppose, the kiddo making the track team might have sparked the fire again and that's really awesome. During the off season she plans to continue training so she can run cross country next year and continue running track.

So I have one motivation to start running again, to train the kiddo. Another major motivation, in case you missed it, is that we've got another hiker on the way. Being 35, almost 36, I need to get myself back into shape to keep up with the little booger and to make sure I'm around for a long time to continue to support the family. Other than the hiking and evening strolls, I need something else to really whip my tail into shape, and running did it for me before and can do it for me again.

So now that you have the back story, here is the front story and the reason for the post. I need your help. I've entered a little give-a-way that is being sponsored by Vasque Footwear and Rock Creek Outfitters in Chattanooga. They have teamed up to give away a new pair of Vasque Mindbender Trail Running Shoes and free entry into the Scenic City Trail Marathon and Half Marathon in Chattanooga. To win I had to leave a post on Vasque Footwears Facebook wall and whoever's post gets the most likes by May 9th wins.

It's that simple. So with that said, lets see how many likes I can get on my post on Vasque Footwear's wall. Go to their Facebook page and like them, then scroll down their wall and find the post by me, Timothy Bird and click like. If I win I'll be sure to write up a wonderful review of the shoes and a race report of the 1/2 marathon. It should be a blast and it's not too far from home either.

Thank you in advance and Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin