Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Thank You's (Some Blogger Love)

July is here and already it's been a crazy month. We had a wonderful nice long weekend for the holiday and well, we really didn't have to get back into the swing of things since we really didn't slow down much after the (thanks for the fiasco idea Greg). Nevertheless, life goes on. Most of that mess is cleaned up and now it's time to share some love to our fellow bloggers that send love our way. So without further ado, and this is going to be sweet and simple since we have so much left to do to get ready for baby and buying this house. :P

Much love goes out to:
Joe and Rebecca of the Outdoor Blogger Network. If haven't yet, check them out and if you're an outdoor blogger, get in the network. You'll be glad you did, trust us. :D

Hendrik of Hiking in Finland. Love those week in reviews.

Allyson from high atop Mount LeConte. She along with her husband Chris run the Lodge up there and gives us daily peaks into the daily grind up top at High On LeConte.

Jeff from The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog. Jeff is always keeping us abreast of all the happenings in and around the Great Smoky Mountains and then some.

Our friend Karl at Live Free and Hike New Hampshire. He and his wife Jill have been pretty busy with the arrival of their beautiful daughter Lylah.

Jeff from the Meanderthals blog. Jeff brings us lots of trail reports from the NC side of the mountains and then some. Definitely worth a look see.

Mamabug of Mamambug's Nature Photos. This Floridian always has some wonderful pictures in and around Florida and anywhere else her travels take her.

Owl Jones of This is one crazy dude who loves fly fishing. Always good for a laugh too.

Kim @ Snug Harbor Bay. Kim was the lucky winner of our Perfectly Patriotic Pic-A-Nic Basket Package. She shows some of the nature in and around the Chicago area, loves Geocaching and much more.

Our good mate Greg from down under at Hiking Fiasco. Greg is always on about the fiascos of his walk- abouts and lately is going a bit bonkers from not walking. Everyone should give him some love for sure to help keep mum from causing delusions of bearded people.

Monty and Amy of the Blogs/website Cloud Hiking and Metro to Mountain. These cats cover the Middle Tennessee area and also chronicled their trip of the Colorado 14ers.

Tom over at Two Heel Drive always has gems and nuggets of worthwhile hiking tips and info along with trail reports from both his California days and now his time in North Carolina and Beyond.

Our good friend Joe of The Adventures of Jobiwan. Joe romps and tromps in Vermont and more and brings stories of his time on the trails, volunteering and trekking. He's getting ready for a thru-hike on Vermont's Long Trail real soon so stay tuned for all the info and updates of his journey.

Dave of The Fat Man of the Mountains. Dave along with his son (The Young Man of the Mountains) cover their New Hampshire travels along with hikes in their home state of Massachusetts. Always worth the read and always providing a good laugh too.

Steven from My Life Outdoors. Steven has some grueling climates when it comes to hiking, covering the Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado trips he goes on. He also has some pretty cool giveaways from time to time and good gear reviews.

How about Pablo and Nina of Family Wilds. They are new on the outdoor blogging scene and cover their adventures in Nashville and surrounding area, with the occasional jaunt down to Texas. What's more they cover their adventures as they unfold to the eyes of their young daughter who is experiencing a lot of firsts during their journeys.

Karl of Outdoor Vancouver is a new blog we stumbled upon thanks to this past months Outdoor Blog Carnival. Karl played host this past month and several good blog posts were submitted. Karl also covers the Vancouver outdoor realm.

We can't forget Ross of Pure Outside, he is the mastermind of the Outdoor Blog Carnival and he covers the outdoor happenings in the West Coast area of Canada and much more.

Mark over at Backpacking North. As always covering the UL movement in the Minnesota area and dreaming of Lapland.

Howard aka Cofisher of the blog Windknots and Tangle Lines. Howard, erm Cofisher is another Fly Fisherman from the state of Colorado, home of Coors and other beers. Check his blog out, especially his latest post about a squirrel. :P

Pam of She's a ManiYak is another fishermanwoman who tells of her fishing trips from Kayak in our northern neighbor state of Kentucky (Kaintuk as it was pronounced long ago.)

Branden and Sarah McIntyre at the Daily Hiker. Branden and Sarah bring trip reports of hiking, skiing, mountaineering, along with great gear reviews, contests and thought provoking editorials that strike deep at the heart of all us nature lovers.

Jason at Extreme Adventure News always keeping us aware of all news that is outdoors, adventurous, and extreme.

Let's not forget Tom and Atticus of The Adventures of Tom and Atticus. Tom and Atticus prove to us over and over again the strong bonds of friendship that can exist between a man and his dog. Their book, "Following Atticus" will be hitting the shelves in September. So be on the lookout and check their Facebook page too for regular updates, and great giveaways.

Finally, I'd like to mention Candy, our neighbor from just spittin' distance away (well in another week she will be again). She's moved her Hiker-Trash blog and is now Peace Love and Paddle.

Some other sites we'd like to send some love to because they've sent some our way include:

Trimble Outdoors - Remember the Crackberry Positioning System (CPS)? When I do up our trip reports with map and everything this is where we get the mapping from.

Amis Mill Restaurant - If you remember, earlier in the year this was our featured destination. If you are ever up in the Rogersville area, be sure to stop in for a bite to eat.

The Nature Blog Network - We have been listed in the Nature Blog Network directory for quite some time now and have somehow managed to climb the ranks of the Hiking and Outdoor blog list. If you have an outdoor related blog, check them out and get listed if you aren't already.

Blue Ridge Outdoors - This is a great magazine/website that covers the Blue Ridge area's outdoor activities and lifestyles including hiking, mountain biking, running, and much more.

Brother's All Natural - If you remember Ms. Coo gave her seal of approval on their crisps. If you see them at your local grocer, pick up a bag or two and give 'em a try. They make great trail snack as well as pre and post trail snacks too.

Peakery - If you are in to peak bagging then this place is for you. has only been around a little while but they have a very comprehensive list of peaks that you can claim and brag about. Check them out, sign up, and start bagging those peaks.

And finally Trail Sherpa. If you like the outdoors, and social networking, then Trail Sherpa is for you. Sign up and make your profile, then join some of the groups they have on the site. It's almost like a Facebook for outdoor lovers.

Thank you all for all that you do. Keep up the love and keep getting outside.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin