Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogger Love (August Edition)

First of all, let us first say, "Happy August Everyone". With the arrival of August, we have the last two months of summer ahead of us, and hopefully a little bit of cooling down before much longer. Kids will be going back to school in the next week or so for some others still have until Labor Day. Considering it is now August and Christmas is just under 5 months away, we better enjoy what is left of the year before it's gone. :P

Being that it is August, that can only mean one thing, time for some blogger love. That's right, as we do every month, we like to say thanks to all the bloggers that we know and love because they know and love us, and of course because we have a nice little network with each other sending traffic and new readers a like back and forth to each other. We will keep it simple this month. Thanks to all of you for doing what you do, and for being who you are.

Hendrik - Hiking in Finland
Joe and Rebecca - Outdoor Blogger Network
Karl, Jill, and Lylah - Live Free and Hike New Hampshire
Allyson and Chris - High on LeConte
Greg - Hiking Fiasco
Jeff - The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog
Mama-Bug - Mamabug's Nature Photos
Tom - Two Heel Drive
Jeff - Meanderthals
Owl Jones
Travel Country Blog
The great folks @ Nature Blog Network
Pablo, Nea, & The Little One - Family Wilds
Brian - Brian's Backpacking Blog
Dave - The Fat Man of the Mountains
Gear Talk with Jason Klass
Monty & Amy - Cloud Hiking & Metro Mountain
Jason - Extreme Adventure News
Karl - Outdoor Vancouver
Candy - Peace, Love, Paddle
Cliff - Scoutmaster CG
Kim - Snug Harbor Bay
Trail Sherpa
Mark - Backpacking North
Four Season Angler
Joe - The Adventures of Jobiwan

There you have it folks. Our blogger love. Thank you all again for all that you do. Now, everyone go check out these blogs, get inspired, and get outdoors.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin