Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Labor Day Friday Giveaway Roundup - 9/9/2011

Ever notice how the week after a holiday, you just don't feel like doing much of anything? Yeah that's how I've felt this week. I haven't really done much of anything other than show up at work and do what I had to do to get by. As for the blog business, it hasn't been any different on this end either. I've not kept up as much with the social media like normal, and we've only gotten one post out this week not counting this one. Considering I haven't kept up with everything going on out there as much this week, it has sorta caused this week's Giveaway Roundup to be lacking a bit in new stuff. Sorry 'bout that..

Timex Men's T498469J Expedition Green Trail Mate Full Size Fast Wrap WatchThis week Branden and Sarah at Daily Hiker are giving away a Timex Expedition Trail Mate Watch. They just did a review on this watch earlier this week and since they both already have watches, they've decided to give this one away. Looks like it's the same drill as all their other giveaways as of late. Get out and do your thing, take a picture of you doing that thing and include Daily Hiker in the photo in some form or fashion. After that send them the pic via email. Winner will be picked on Sept.12. That's this Monday so check out their post for the email address and then get outside and get that picture made.

So that's really all the new stuff I've found, but there are a few that are still going on throughout the month of September. First is over at Outdoor Informer, they are giving away a sweet Suunto Watch and a pair of Salewa Approach shoes. You can enter once a day through the month of September to increase your odds of winning. Another monthly giveaway is happening over at This month they have an outdoor lightweight first-aid kit. Head over to the registration page to get in on this sweet little prize. And finally one I forgot to mention last week, the GPS giveaway that is still going on over at Take A Hike GPS. They have a wonderful GPS Rental Service. If you are in the market for a GPS and want to try some out before you buy, then this is a great way to test some out. Or if you just have a weekend outing coming up and you don't have the scratch to get a new GPS, you can always rent one from Take A Hike GPS. If you want to win one then check out their giveaway page for all the details. They will announce a winner at the end of September.

Okay Ladies and Gents, that's all I have this time around. Sorry for not having more for you, but you know sometimes we all need a little break. Anyway, what are you waiting around for? Go get entered in these giveaways, then go outside and play already.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin