Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy December to All and Thank You

Happy December to all and once again thank you to all our readers and supporters for making Appalachia & Beyond what it is today. It's hard to believe that we just have under a month before 2011 is over and we'll be ringing in the New Year 2012. However, before I get to far ahead of myself and let this post run away into a post that should not be as of yet, let me get down to the business that this post is all about. It is December after all and as a tradition we've held since I think the first of the year, it's time to give thanks, love, shoutouts, to the blogs, bloggers, and webmasters who continue to refer readers to us, therefore giving us reason to continue writing. With this special group of people we wouldn't enjoy updating the blog for everyone like we do. So without further ado, Special Thanks goes out to:

The Adventures of Tom and Atticus
High on LeConte
Live Free and Hike New Hampshire
My Life Outdoors
Backpacking North
Outdoor Blogger Network
Section Hiker
Hiking in the Smokys
Two Heel Drive
Cloudhiking and Metro to Mountain
Owl Jones
Mamabug's Nature Photos
Mountain Ultralight
Trail Sherpa
Fat Man of the Mountains
Blue Roads to Hiking Trails
Brian's Backpacking Blog
Hiking in Finland
Travel Country
Hiking Fiasco
Hiking the Trail
Marking My Territory
Take a Hike GPS (The GPS is awesome by the way, Thanks a million.)
New England Outside
Pure Outside
Family Wilds

Again thank you all and thank you to all of our readers and the readers of the above blogs and sites who also read out blog.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin