Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Post from Amy and Nate of Marking My Territory

When we asked in earlier posts about guest posts, Amy and Nate of the blog Marking My Territory were happy to help us out with a post. Below is their guest post for Appalachia & Beyond and in our opinion is a great post that leads us to remember some of the essentials about hiking with our four-legged companions. We couldn't agree more, that research of the trails you're hiking is tantamount before heading out with your "best friends". We hope you enjoy the post.

P.S. We are all doing great by the way. Some major adjustments have been made and we are starting to get the hang of the whole baby thing again. We should be back to regular blogging in a couple more weeks so we apologize in advance for those who are missing the FGR's and what not, we're sure you all understand. Now to the Guest Post.

Camera Hounds
Getting on the trails with our dogs is a highlight of our outdoor activities. It's great to get out and test not only our limits, but also to watch how our dogs grow, adapt and learn how to handle new challenges. (And the blissful satisfaction of finally wearing out a slightly-crazed 18-month-old pup cannot be underestimated!) However, our experiences have brought to light some things that are important to take into account when hiking with man's best friend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Walk (Not quite a hike)

On New Years Eve day, the weather was phenomenal, and considering it was likely going to be the last pretty day for a little while we decided to take full advantage of it and get out for a bit. Granted we've been out a couple times since the wee little one arrived almost two weeks ago, it's not been any getting out that we wanted to do. It seems that when you go out because you have to it feels more like a chore than it does anything else regardless if you've been cooped up for any length of time (just ask Robin). It was different this time. Yes, we did hit the big local box mart but not before we got outside and filled our lungs with some much needed fresh air.