Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Walk (Not quite a hike)

On New Years Eve day, the weather was phenomenal, and considering it was likely going to be the last pretty day for a little while we decided to take full advantage of it and get out for a bit. Granted we've been out a couple times since the wee little one arrived almost two weeks ago, it's not been any getting out that we wanted to do. It seems that when you go out because you have to it feels more like a chore than it does anything else regardless if you've been cooped up for any length of time (just ask Robin). It was different this time. Yes, we did hit the big local box mart but not before we got outside and filled our lungs with some much needed fresh air.

It was Dinah's first walk outside. As a matter of fact it was our first walk as a whole, larger family since her arrival, and while it was indeed on a trail we didn't qualify it as a hike. For one, we didn't have any gear. For two, it's more of a graveled footpath. And three, we were really just out for a short stroll to try things out. After all, we have a lot of new stuff to get used to with the babe around now. Things are now different and we aren't as quick about doing things like we used to be. Everything is much slower. As time progresses and we get used to things like baby carriers, car seats, diaper changes, feedings, and anything else you have to consider with baby, both on and off the trail, we will get quicker and things will be more like second nature.

So the walk was more a testing of the waters, if you will, and not a hike. It was indeed Dinah's first walk and what did she do while out underneath the big bright blue sky? What else do babies do the first few weeks of life? She slept. Absolutely clueless to the fact that she was even outside. I have to say, I wish I had a pet giant who could carry me like that. I would love to sit in a carrier and sleep while someone else walks me. That's got to be the life for sure.

Stay tuned for more entries about outside experiences with the babe. I'm sure there will be plenty as time allows. Speaking of which I think it's just run out, a certain you know who is rousing from her tiny slumber.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin