Thursday, April 12, 2012

Featured Destinations Archive (Amis Mill Eatery - Rogersville,TN )

This was our other "Featured Destination" and is now here on the main blog page for archival purposes. If you find yourself galavanting around Rogersville, TN, make sure to stop in at Amis Mill Eatery for a bite to eat. They always have some great specials. After today, the "Featured Destinations" page will no longer exist.
Amis Mill Eatery - Rogersville, TN

What is it about food that brings us all together, lightens the heart, and fills the soul as it fills our bellies? Can you imagine for a moment an aroma that tantalizes the tongue and makes your mouth water? Is food more special - more fulfilling - when found off the beaten path, when you're treated like family, when you can enjoy it on a a heated porch in the dead of winter? We think so. It wasn't long ago that we happened upon such a place, and now we'd like to share our feet-space under the table with you.

Amis Mill Eatery is our featured destination, is located in Rogersville, TN, and offers one of the friendliest meals we've ever sat down to. The food was scrumptious, the service was unsurpassed, and the atmosphere was coveted by all at our table.

Even our arrival was greeted with the utmost joy and playfulness in the form of a wagging-tailed dog whose name tag -- and response when we called her -- told us her name was Tess. She promptly fetched a stick for us to toss while we gander'd at the beauty of the metal-roofed cabin café. The rail-work stood out to me, as did the precious kitty sleeping soundly on a wooden porch bench. She woke up long enough for me to snap her picture and scratch her head, before curling back up in the sunlight and silently requesting that I leave her be.

We were so glad - at this point - to find the eatery open. We were hungry! Seems most places in small towns are closed on Sundays, and there wasn't a single car in the lot. We found out we had just missed the early church crowd, and arrived before the late one. Lucky us!

As we walked in, we couldn't help but notice the wonderful scent of smoldering hickory - like grandma had been standing by the stove cooking all day. We were seated immediately on the winterized outdoor porch (at our request). It was a little chilly, but the propane heaters warmed us well as we looked out upon Big Creek Falls.

The menu was full of choices to meet anyone's preference, with appetizers, sandwiches, platters, seafood, steaks, and desserts all priced very affordably. We selected an appetizer of breaded crawfish tails - cajun hubby's choice - and the girls helped him devour those in no time. I'm not big on crawfish, but they were really good. I actually ate a few myself!

For our meals, Tim and Ash chose a fried shrimp po-boy, Jodi chose the chicken tender platter, and I (still swooning over the sweet smell of hickory wood chips) chose the pulled pork sandwich. The portions were as amazing as the flavors - Ashby's sandwich was bigger than her head! I had enough sandwich to share half with Clover Beene who was waiting patiently in the car. Thank goodness for the country where you can leave your windows down while you go in and enjoy a meal.

Oh! How we would have loved to have stayed longer and sipped hot coffee on that porch, but Ashby wasn't feeling well (I had given her a cold I was recovering from) and the light was fading fast. Tess didn't want us to go either, but a girl's got to get pictures before the lights go out!

After eating we walked Clover and my tripod along the bank of Big Creek looking over the place wrought with history. I can't even begin to reiterate it, but you can find out more here, and I highly recommend reading all about this place. After you have finished, jump in your car and go meet Tess and all the friendly faces, eat a good meal, and enjoy some solitude walking along the banks of that majestic creek.