Friday, April 27, 2012

Sports Science Smarter Tees - Gear Review

A while back, we were contacted by the clothing company Sport Science. They wanted to know if we would like to review their Smarter T-shirts. Of course we said yes! We received the shirts maybe a week or two after Dinah was born so we really hadn't had time to wear them and test them out. Well this past weekend was a different story. We were able to get out on two different trails this weekend and in so doing, I wore my Men's Smarter Short Sleeve Tee.

I have to admit I'm in love with this tee. It's light, airy, comfortable, and quick drying. On our hike up to Laurel Falls, I had a pack on. By the time we got to the falls my back was pretty wet with sweat. After sitting up top and enjoying the waterfall and hiking back down, I had forgot that my back was wet at all. Talk about quick dry time. I like that a lot.

The men's smarter short sleeve tees come in 17 different colors and range in size from S - XXL. I got a large and it was a very comfortable fit indeed. No itching like you get with some cotton t-shirts. I supposed that's because it's made from an engineered micro poly performance yarn.

Robin received the the Women's Smarter V-Neck Long Sleeve. The medium she received feels just a light, airy, and as comfortable as the Men's Smarter Short Sleeve. Her only complaint was that the sleeves were more of a 3/4 length sleeve and not a long sleeve. We don't know if that is due to sizing or what but 3/4 lenght sleeves just aren't her cup of tee. The women's smarter v-neck long sleeve comes in 14 different colors and range in size from S - XL.

Two other things to note - 1)The tees are baby friendly. Dinah has drooled on mine quite a few times and it dries pretty quick and doesn't leave any stains, well that's provided it's just drool and not the milk muck she produces after eating her "bobble". 2)They really don't smell that bad after two straight days of wear in the outdoors.

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin

P.S. We don't have any photos of Robin in her shirt as of yet. It's been pretty hectic with the little one as of late. Pink eye, double ear infection, and possible sinus infection, you name it. Keep checking on this post and we'll have a pic up as soon as we possibly can.

P.S.S. You may have noticed on our recent upcoming giveaway post that SportScience has been kind enough to offer up a Smarter Tee for one of the giveaway days. These guys and gals rock.

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Disclaimer: Tim and Robin received the Sport Science Smarter Tees from the Sport Science marketing department for review purposes only. Appalachia & Beyond are in no way affiliated with Sport Science  and are not being compensated by Sport Science for this review.. The opinions expressed above are Tim's and Robin's independent thoughts and experiences.