Thursday, May 26, 2016

Making Traveling Enjoyable For The Older Person

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Traveling is a wonderful experience, and this goes for whether or not you are 1 or 100! So, whether you are an older person yourself, or are wishing to take older people away with you, read on. Here is a guide to ensuring they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

First things first; be sure to pack all of the necessities that they need when they are at home. Having these with you will give you peace of mind, and them too. So, if you take daily medication, make sure it is packed. Also, have some spares with you, in case you lose the originals. This also means that you are covered if you decide to stay longer, or are forced to stay longer due to cancellations outside of your control. Once you’ve covered the things they need, how about the things they want. This goes for items that make the comfortable and happy when they are at home. So consider things like favorite pillows and familiar bedding. Is there are a certain type of tea they like to drink each morning? While little things, they can make a big difference.

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Next, consider how you will travel. Some modes of transport are totally fine for younger people. However, once you get older, you may appreciate your own space more. This rules out things like coaches and buses, for sure. Furthermore, being in charge of when you make toilet breaks becomes far more important as you get older! For this reason, try and take your own form of travel with you. A car is a good option, but is limited in space for both bodies and luggage! This is what makes a travel trailer such a good option. You are still in control of your own timetable, but you have far more space to function in. There is also no need to mess around checking in and out of different hotels during your journey. You can allocate your beds on day one and settle in. This familiarity will be appreciated, as will having friends and family around them. Furthermore, if the older person isn’t so stable on his or her feet, having amenities like the bathroom and the kitchen close at hand could be useful.

Finally, be sure to give some careful thought to the activities you will do while traveling. Of course, the older person or people you’re traveling with probably won’t want to bungee jump or skydive! But don’t forget how challenging simpler activities might be for them also. If you are going hiking or on a long walk, be sure there is an option of a shorter route. Also, be sure to find out in advance of setting off what the terrain is like. It may also be wise to select activities that are relatively short. It could be a good idea to pack some things so that if they decide to sit the activity that has been planned out, they have something to do. A flask of coffee, a sturdy folding chair, and a good book should do the trick!

Happy Trails,
Tim and Robin