About Us

Meet Tim
He's a converted "city boy" having left New Orleans to love and live in the Southern Appalachian area for over a decade now. He's still discovering the secrets of the region. He works for the man Monday through Friday, and longs for the peaceful retreat of the backcountry every free day he has. He likes his coffee black with two Splendas, the wind blowing in his face, technology of all types, and just about anything she cooks. He likes the fun things in life and keeps her entertained with his silliness. He's carefree, relaxed, patient, and curious. He dreams of through-hiking the AT and completing the Barkley Marathons, and one day becoming a mountain man - full beard and all (update: beard is grown but not an all out mountain man beard. Still working for the man). He's also a husband, a father, an aspiring trail runner, and the creator of this blog.

Meet Robin
She's his wife and the mother of their children. She's a bona fide, born-n-raised Appalachian girl with the region's secrets deep-rooted in her heritage. In between daily household chores, taking care of their infant daughter, and being a personal taxi service for their teen, she works for herself as the creator and photographer for Random Joy Photography. She likes coffee - no cream, sunny days, quiet time, and Photoshop. She's practical, witty, comprised mostly of southern spitfire, and her temperament has been summed up to "a chipmunk on speed." She has a knack for being stubborn and doing things her own way. She dreams of owning her own photo studio ideally located inside the Random Joy Bed and Breakfast that she'll operate near the AT. She'd like to think she's the brains behind this blog, but she'd be lying. She writes because she likes to.

Together they raise a family consisting of one moody, almost adult daughter, one very active toddler daughter, and one overzealous border collie, in a rural, rancher-style house sitting on the side of Flint Ridge in East Tennessee just north of Knoxville. They are also owned by three menacing cats, each intent on killing them off a slow and painful death.

Together, they give God the credit, tackle the mundane, take evening walks, enjoy the little things, laugh out loud, and write for this blog.

Together, they love the outdoors, and sharing their experiences with you. 

Together, they climb mountains. Together, home is where the tent is.